HELP/PROBLEM: Hardware Sequencer is Disabled! Perfectly fine on Software + Crrsp. to HW!

Hello, and kudos to the amazing Arturia family,

So glad to be reaching out and it’s great that I could fit the problem in one sentence above; the title!

Yeah, it seems really really bizarre and of course cripplingly annoying to not be able to use the fantastic “Step Sequencer” that folks built into the MiniFreak!
Everything I touch on the hardware appears to have no effect at all, but all those corresponding actions when done on the software “V” version it works great and very oddly it reflects on the hardware!

You will be shocked to know the touch strips designated for Mod wheels are also disabled for “multi-mode function” and only the center tab(blue color: Macros) is activated! So I can not spice up the Arp/Seq on hardware and should also do that on the sw :frowning:

I’d be really glad if you could help me. And the FW as I checked on the V says is the latest version and does not show up on the native Mac app (MIDI CC app) from Arturia.

Thank you, fellas. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi tabibzadeh and welcome to the new forum :grinning:

Hmm, that does sound very strange indeed, i’ve never had that issue on my Minifreak hardware, perhaps it might be worth contacting support directly here
Hope your issue gets resolved swiftly and you’re back here soon under better circumstances!