Help assigning LFO to arp rate in matrix

I’ve tried to assign the LFO to the arp “rate” in the matrix, but it’s not speeding up or slowing down the arp as expected. My MIDI sync is set to “Int” and I’m just holding down a key to play the arp. Any ideas? Thanks!

I just gave it a try on mine and it seems to work as expected. Did you forget to turn up the Matrix Amount for that modulation slot?

EDIT: Also, the LFO rate has to be pretty slow (< 5Hz) for the Arpeggio rate change to be usefully noticeable.

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Hm, the matrix amount is high, like in the 50’s–75 range. LFO rate is low… still not working. I did notice, however, that if I “jiggle” the arp rate knob back and forth while holding a note down, the arp WILL speed up and slow down with the LFO rate as expected. But if I leave that knob alone, no speed change will occur.

Very strange. I feel like I’m missing a Utility setting somewhere that’s causing this, but can’t know for sure.

You aren’t connected to a DAW or something else that might be re-setting the tempo itself?

EDIT: One more thing to check. Utility->Preset->Modulations->LFO Retrig should be OFF.

Both of your suggestions are true and I’m still getting the issue. Kinda wondering about saving my patches and factory resetting the whole thing.

I just tried again from an Init patch. I turned on Arp, then Oct 2, Hold, and Random and touched a few keys to get a decent arp going. In the Mod Matrix, I set LFO/Assign 1 to Arp Rate knob (which was left at default 120.0 bpm) and I turned its Matrix Amount up to 100. Then I dropped LFO Rate down to 0.12 Hz and everything seems to work as I’d expect.

No go… I imitated what you did but it’s still not automatically rising and falling in arp rate as expected.

Factory resetting fixed things for me! Your method works as expected now. Not sure what settings came with the Microfreak, but resetting seems to help! Thank you!

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