Help a beginner recreate the sounds in this song ?

Can you help a beginner recreate the keyboard sounds in this song ?

Most of the playing is happening in the beginning and ending of the track. The middle section is a drum solo but a synth keeps pulsating throughout.

From what I know this keyboardist is using a Korg Triton live and sometimes you can see some model of a Roland keyboard.

I`m using a Triton emulation vst and I have all the vst emulations from Arturia.

Can anyone help me ?

Please be very detailed and try to explain in a ELI5 (Explain Like I’m Five) fashion , as I`m just starting with synths.

Thank you !!!

Hi @thjfid . Welcome to the community.

Are you sure you this is’nt about having someone too listen to a cover?

You link to a cover version of a song. A song others have covered too. I think Mancinis version is the original.

Henry Mancini - “Peter Gunn” (official visualizer):
Emerson, Lake And palmer Peter Gunn Theme:
The Art of Noise featuring Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn (Official Video):

Can’t you find some sounds to use and to learn by in your V-Collection?
Perhaps use some sounds that’s different.

The problem with your question is you seem to wan’t someone to recreate the excact sounds for you, and then teach you excactly how they are done. Is that correct? That can be quite some work. I don’t know if someone is up for that. Let’s see.

The first sound is a Piano sound.
Perhaps you can find something in for example OP-Xa V or Jup-8 V4 Lead sounds for the lead. But perhaps also in pther instruments.
Perhaps you also can find a good start sound for the synth later in the cover in those synths. Perhaps in Brass - but it’s a synth sound using quite some resonance.

Perhaps later on someone can help answering some questions you may have about part of the sound design or a synth functionality.