Have I found a bug?

Maybe other could confirm this. If I browse the Arturia Store for Patch Collections from within Pigments, select a patch to try out (and this seems to be an issue even with Collections I have purchased), then create a new patch while still in Store, I am unable to save the patch as the option is greyed out.

A little annoying as I created a patch only lose it.


Hi @Funtmaster,

I think it’s intended. But you can allways try to make a feature request about saving allready purchased presets from the store. Not sure how much it will require technically. The store is meant to try out and purchase presets only - not for sound editing to be saved, as i see it.

I can understand restricting the possibility of editing a sound from a collection you have not purchased, then saving it but not a brand new sound. But, now I know I shall be sure not to waste my time again via that route.

I never did this, but might someday, so (while in the Store) I tried editing a preset from a soundbank I purchased previously. As you said, it cannot be saved because those options are greyed out.

So I switched to explore. The edited preset was still in the Edit Buffer (or whatever phrase Arturia uses) and I was able to save it using the Save Preset As … option which was not greyed out.