Harmonics behavior

When playing around I encounter some strange behavior of the harmonics in all preset. With the percussion ‘on’ the 8th harmonic of the drawbars does not sound even with full drawbar. But when i turn the percussion ‘off’ the 8th harmonic also sounds.
The Mr. Jimmy Smith preset shows this very clear.
Is this normal behavior of the original B3? Or a flaw in the B3-V?
My Hammond B250 does not show this effect.


It’s normal original B3 default behavior, that percussion disabled the 1’ drawbar. It’s disabled in the Mr. Jimmy Smith preset. Afaik some players altered this, so it did not disable.

Arturia B3 V2 give you both options and more. In the MOD section you have some parameters for the percussion. Those include the possiblity to select if you wan’t the 1’ drawbar to be disabled or not and much more.
Are you sure your hammond does’nt have options for enable and disable the 1’ drawbar?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll check it in the mod section.
My B250 does not have the option to change this behavior.
Proberly then newer XB and SK series support this.