Ground Loop on BSP

Hi all,
I have the famous ground loop issue with my BSP when connecting it via patch cables to the synths. (for example gate output from BSP to Gate in/trigger on some analog synth). No issue if I just use the midi connections, or the usb one.
I tried using the included adapter and connecting the usb power cable to the relevant input on it, but the issue still persists. Once I disconnect the gate cable, the ground loop hum is gone. I also tried connecting it to a different synth and also changing the socket I use for the power bank that gives power to the BSP, but same issue. Any idea how to get rid of it?

HI @spacewavez and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

Are all your devices powered from the same mains wall socket or are you using different ones?

I run ALL my devices from one socket, it helps to avoid this situation, i also use a mains filter and when recording external synths etc i use DI boxes which have ground lift switches if needed.


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Hi @matjones , thanks for the reply. Yes, I tried using the same mains wall socket also, but no luck.

Hi @spacewavez

If you’re still getting ground noise whilst using a power bank that’s rather odd.

What is the synth you’re connecting the BSP connected to also, and how are you connecting it?

Let’s see if we can figure this out methodically.

Hi @matjones . I’m not using a battery power bank, but a simple usb hub that is connected to the mains.(using the normal cable it comes with, which is not grounded, as it’s the slim european one). I’ve moved that from one mains to another such that it’s on the same power plug as the rest of the equipment. And also tried powering it from the laptop using the original usb cable.
As for synth I connected it to a Behringer Edge, and also a Pro 1. The hum always starts when I connect the CV outputs of the BSP (the gate from Seq1 for example), otherwise there’s no issues connecting the synths between themselves or even to BSP via midi.

Ah, you state in your OP that you use a power bank to power your BSP

Which is why I mentioned it.
It seems your USB hub is likley to be 'double insulated, but can you try without it if possible?
Only other things I can think of would be to try a USB ground loop eliminator adapter,a quick web search kicks up loads of results, that would be my next step.


Ok, I think I managed to sort it out. I plugged the BSP in another mains, using a normal phone adapter (5V - 2A). It seems to be working now without that noise. Do you see any problems in the long run or should I stick with this solution? Thanks

HI @spacewavez
Ah! it looks like that psu(adapter) has some kind of fault then. Is it the original one that came with your BSP? If it’s still under warranty you should be able to get a replacement from the seller you purchased from.

The ‘official’ line is that you should only use the supplied power adapter in general, but i see it doesn’t actually come with one.
Make sure it’s supplying the correct, specified requirements for The BSP, maybe check with Support to see if they’re confident with you using it.


Yes, there’s no power adapter included, so I guess as long as it’s a 5V one with enough amps, it should be good.
Thanks for the help @matjones

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