Gripes with MiniFreak - MiniFreak V synchronization

The synchronization between MiniFreak and MiniFreak V is, for me, one of the REALLY HUGE advantages of the MiniFreak. Having the option to seamlessly run the hardware as a plugin controller with 1:1 mapping, and the software as a patch manager and editor for the hardware is huge! However, there are problems:

  • When running the standalone MiniFreak V application, with midi from the MiniFreak hardware, you get problems with double-triggering, since the software sends the notes back to the hardware. Yes, I could go in and change settings in the synth each and every time, but thats tedious, and risks leaving the synth with the wrong settings for later, and I don’t want that. I just want the option to have the MiniFreakV standalone not echo incoming midi notes back out.

  • Probably related: When trying to run sequences, it’s still very hit-miss if the software and hardware is synced (both standalone and plugin versions). Seems the sequences in the software and hardware interact with each other. After 2.0, it’s better, the plugin moooostly seem to behave correctly, but the sequencer in the hardware still resets randomly. Also, sometimes, the sequencers start recording over themselves, guessing due to notes from the software sequencer getting sent to the hardware and vice-versa.

  • When assigning macros from the hardware, sometimes the assignment itself doesn’t get set on the software, just the amounts, with destination still being “none” even though the destination is set correctly on the hardware. Doesn’t seem to happen the other way around. Probably just straight up a bug.

  • When synced with the VST version, the MiniFreak hardware plays the exact same notes and sounds as the software (with the exception of the sequencer, as mentioned above), even without getting sent midi from the DAW. This is GREAT since it allows you to easily re-record the sounds using the hardware INCLUDING automation of parameters. However, as of 2.0, modwheel is no longer updated correctly (or at all) on the hardware when modulated on the plugin. Please fix!

(Request, that I realise might not be possible due to hardware limitations. But. When synced with the plugin, have a button that switches from plugin audio to USB-over-audio to/from the hardware, Elektron Overbridge-style. That would be HUGE aswell, when re-recording the plugin audio using the hardware.)

Or. In summary:
Whenever the hardware is linked to an instance of the software, I would expect them to behave as one. As a single, same, unit. Meaning:

  • All patch parameters being exactly the same between hard/software, and staying exactly the same regardless of whether I change a setting on the hardware, the software or both.

  • The sound coming out of the hardware and the software to be exactly the same, regardless of whether I’m playing/tweaking/automating on the hardware or the software (except ofc the small differences in sound between the analog vs modeled filter and extra DA, opamps etc of the hardware).

Today, this is not the case. It’s mostly the case, but not always the case unfortunately, which kind of takes away quite a lot of the integration magic.

Hi @pinkyfluff

I’ll try to answer your questions as best i can here.

1, Unfortunately that’s the nature of midi and we’re all stuck with that i’m afraid. It’s down to the user to make sure their setup is configured for each scenario.

  1. IIRC the hardware sequencer doesn’t sync to the DAW ‘by design’, i COULD be wrong here though as this was some time ago.

  2. Yep that sounds liike it could be a bug.

  3. Possibly a bug?

AFAIK, and this is the same for the vast majority of hardware synths and drum machines etc, The MiniFreak does not have the capability to send audio over USB, it just doesn’t have that hardware on-board.


1: No. All that’s needed is for the Minifreak V standalone version to have an option to not echo incoming midi notes on the midi in back to the midi out, like so:
Midi in → triggers sound on the minifreakV, not sent on the the midi out.
Playing keys on the minifreak V virtual keyboard → sends midi note out.

Please feel free to post as a feature request in its own post, it’ll be more likely to be seen then.

Another option would be for the minifreak to minifreak V sync to work properly, and update knobs and so on, even if the minifreak “local control” is off. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. This might actually be a bug in itself.

I mean. I would expect one of two outcomes.
1: If they are synced by design, playing a note on the keyboard or on the plugin would make the exact same sequence run on both hardware and plugin.
2: If they are not synced, pressing a key on the hardware would play the sequence on the hardware in full, with the correct steps being indicated by the leds, regardless if whether the hardware is linked to the software or not.

Neither is happening. As soon as the hardware is linked to the plugin, the hardware sequencer behaves strangely, repeats steps, resets to start randomly et c if the plugin is triggered via a midi note, or keys are played on the hardware itself. So. There’s some kind of synchronisation, intended or not. It just behaves pretty strange…