Grey Fluid?

I left my KeyStep Pro on overnight and now there is some grey fluid seeping up from beneath the step buttons. The keys still work fine but the step buttons are wet, very wet. I have used paper towels and even dusted with a bit of corn starch but it still seeps up.

What are you guys doing about your step button fluids? Should I have changed them / done a flush last year? Might it be firmware related?

Still a great product, just a shame about this fluid.

Hey @tartpop

Really strange indeed.

Mine doen’t seem to produce any fluids from the Step buttons and I don’t think the instrument is supposed to produce any from the inside.

Could you please upload a picture of this grey liquid or give us more information ?

I’m not sure if i’m missing what was intended to be a joke, but very obviously no piece of electronic hardware should be expressing fluid from its buttons. If this isn’t a joke that I’ve somehow not understood, I suggest you unplug it immediately and send it to a repair technician.