Granular sampler round robin - option to set one of the samples on key on rather than a random one

It’s quite difficult to play “round robin” because you don’t know which sample will play when you hit a note.

It’s otherwise an amazing feature which is like nothing in any other instrument - please implement this!


Hi @coredump

You can use Sample Pick Sample Map. You can for example use a Function to modulate the Sample Pick parameter. Then select a Retrig Source for the Function.
Then adapt the rate of the Function.

Can this solve it for you?

No it won’t address the issue.

The particular effect I am using relies on rapid seamless transitions between 2 or more samples in the granular mode.

The desnity (rate) is modulated by me in my DAW - doing this in “sample pick” mode would be incredibly difficult - perhaps impossible.

All I want is a number on the round robin samples to say “this one first, next this one, then this one” - default could be random as it is in the current version of the program.