Grains in Microfreak

A simple query.
How many grains does the Microfreak have?
I mean, how many grains can it reproduce simultaneously?
For example, in other granule synths I’ve seen, GR-1 has 128 grains per voice (plus 11 voices of polyphony), lemondrop 16 grains (plus 8 voices of polyphony). How many does the Microfreak have in its firmware version 5.0?
Thank you!!

Hi Javi!

MicroFreak’s firmware 5.0 allows a maximum overlap of three grains.

In practice, it’s more like 2 grains, according to this graph:

However, when you reach high Density values, 3 grains can actually overlap for a smoother, more pleasing sound to the ear!


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Thanks a lot niks!!
Very clear!

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