Globally Set Polyphony for all Presets?

I just purchased Pigments, and am studying how it works. One of the things I have noticed is all the Presets are set to Poly 8. I work with ambient sounds and pads, which easily suffer from voice stealing. On my computer, I see low CPU use. Even with poly 24 and many long sustaining voices playing the CPU doesn’t exceed 50%.

I searched this category for Polyphony, but didn’t find any prior threads on the topic

I don’t see any reason to have all presets at Poly 8. I can change it, but it seems to be saved with the preset. I would really not want to have to change all presets individually and manually. What is the process for changing Polyphony in ALL the presets?

I searched for “Macro” in the manual, but it relates to control knobs, not automating the GUI. I searched for API, and found nothing.

Unless someone knows a way, I suspect you cannot change all your patches to maximum polyphony en masse. However, you could save a patch with max polyphony and use it as a template in all future creations.

Hi @timg11 . Welcome to the community.

There are lots of presets in Pigments - also poly presets - that’s not set to 8 voices. Perhaps it’s so in certain banks.

In would make no sense to me with a global voice setting in instruments like Pigments.
Then one for example should remember which sounds is created as mono sounds.
Voice setting is a part of the preset design.

If an instrument is poly only, then a global voice setting can make sense - like for example in a piano instrument.