Functions of the Jog Wheel in Ableton Session View?

When I’m in DAW mode on the KeyLab in Ableton Live 12 session view, the big Jog-Wheel lets me select the active row in the session view.

But - what can I do with that now?
Pressing the Jogwheel (usually selecting something) does - as far as I can tell - nothing.

So, what is the Jogwheel used for in this setting?
Where can I find a complete list of how the mappings of the buttons and knobs are configured with Ableton Live?

yeah it doesn’t seem to be thoroughly documented in the manual, i don’t see anything more comprehensive than i agree it would be a great idea to push the button to play the whole scene. looks like that’s how the essential mk3 works: and the mk1 seems to have a 10th button that plays the whole scene: i wish there were some official documentation of keylab’s live integration, i’ve been trying to track down details of the device control mode mentioned here: Keylab Mk2 88 Ableton Live Devices - #5 by american_sicko

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I can’t agree more.
It such a shame: they make the effort to build great Hardware and Software but then skip the step to let us users know, how to use their products in the most satisfying way. :cry: