Full Note Range Sample Mode

I have just thought that it would be useful in a next major firmware release to introduce a new sample mode that will be able to play pre-recorder sampled material per key by using a group (or all) of available sample slots across the keyboard. The goal is to be able use pre recorded material per key without key note calculations from just one sample. I guess one sample per key would be enough in its simplest form. Then someone could load a group of samples without significant sound quality loss. Maybe it is relatively easy to implement such a feature, as sampling engine is already there, a feature that could be much appreciated.

Hi @istinn and welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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You can do this already using the Mod Matrix.

Turn the Type knob to select Sample as your engine.
Hold Shift and turn the Type knob to select the sample you want to use for the Middle C key.
Hold the Assign 1 button, and hold Shift and turn the Type knob. This will assign Sample Select to the Assign 1 mod slot.
Use the Matrix knob to select the “Key/Arp->Assign 1” LED, press the Matrix knob to select it, and turn the Matrix knob to increase the Matrix Amount to 100. Now each key will play a different selected sample.
Middle C will play the sample you have manually selected and the other keys will play the other samples in the list.


That looks like a very unique workaround! if this trick will place the correct sampled notes to every key in both directions of the middle C… that’s a great “hidden” feature

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It is easy enough to modulate ‘pitch’ with ‘arp/key’ negatively to eliminate any pitch change from the keyboard…

Even if Key/Arp is connected to pitch and set to a negative value, the pitch of the keyboard will not be flattened. :cry:

“Middle C will play the sample you have manually selected and the other keys will play the other samples in the list.”

Does the MF preload all available samples? If not, the samples would have to be read from storage: what about latency?

I don’t know the details of how they manage memory in the device, but there’s no noticeable latency when playing the samples.