Free Personal Pigments patch collections

Here are all my personal, created from scratch, Pigments patch collections. They have been created over many years and are all free to download and use. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did creating them. I will add more collections when complete.

Some may rely on samples from paid 3rd party collections and hence give a 'missing sample" error.

{Edit} The collection “Access” is now complete and reposted here with 64 patches.


Hey @Funtmaster thanks for sharing your sounds!

I’ve checked out some of your creations before and rather nice they are too! :heart_eyes:

Great work as usual!

Keep exploring :zap:

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Hey Larry thanks for sharing. How do I install them / where do I drop them?

Hey @RalphNT welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

All you need to do is open Pigments, standalone or plugin, it doesn’t matter, click on the ‘hamburger icon’ (that’s the three horizontal lines) in the top left hand corner of Pigments; click on ‘import’ and then navigate to where you left the downloaded files on your computer.
Select the file you want to import and click on ‘open’ in the bottom right of the import screen that opened and voila!
You’ll need to do this for each bank/patch you wish to import.


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Downloaded all these banks and got to preview many patches. I must say that the content is great and I even found some gems in the sense that they perfectly fit some projects I have!
Thank you very much for the effort to create these presets and then share them for free! You can PM me with a donate link, I would happily reward your efforts!

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Good evening,
is it possible that I can take advantage of saving these patches while waiting to invest in Pigments later (certainly at Christmas).
Thanks in advance.

Sure, you can download any library file (not just the ones kindly offered here) and import them whenever you have Pigments available.

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Thank you, Funtmaster (or Larry),
I found many pads and keys to my liking.

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Thank you! A great way to learn Pigments is by reverse engineering people’s presets.


Wow… thanks Larry! This was a great idea… I think I’m going to do the same!

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Thanks for the feedback. Many thanks for the offer of donation but I don’t want others to feel they should donate. I tried selling them and only sold a few collections for next to nothing. I tried getting Arturia interested but they never replied. But I want them ‘out there’ making their way into peoples music. Please send me a link to anything you use them in. I would be interested to hear how others fit them into their music as opposed to how I do.

The collection “Access” is a work in progress so I will repost it when I have reached 64 patches and added all the notes, tags and genre info.


Yes, so did some friends of mine unfortunately.

Sure, when I have some tracks with your presets involved I will let you know!

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Thanks :heart_hands:
I’ll check them asap.
This gives me the idea to share mine too :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello and thank you for this proposal and these presets.
I’ll see if I can listen to them through Pigments in demo mode, it will give me a glimpse of your work.
Thanks again.
Musical friendship .

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Really generous of you, thank you!! :pray::butterfly:

Would it be possible, please, to list which 3rd party libs/sounds we need for your patches? I hope it’s fair to ask…I would possibly consider purchasing some of them


This seems to be a problem I was unaware I was creating until recently. It seems some 3rd party samples are more strictly controlled than others.

Doing what you ask on all my collections would be time consuming and wearisome.

However, I will add them to the latest collection - “Access” and future collections I create.

The Access collection is still being worked on and I will repost it when it reaches 64 patches.

Thank you Funtmaster. As you are already sharing your time so generously, please only do whatever feels ok to you & no more!! :slight_smile:

All the best

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Thanks for sharing!

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Merci beaucoup et félicitations pour tout ces sons si originaux et inspirants!
Thank you very much and congratulations for all these original and inspiring sounds!


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Hey @aljeg64 welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Yes, they ARE rather good aren’t they. :sunglasses:

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