Free Patch Thursday

I felt sorry for the lack of excitement Thursdays have. So - a free Pigment patch from another soon to be free patch collection:

Pigments_Preset_By the Light of the Moon_Larry Poulton.pgtx (119.0 KB)

Playing tip: hold a long low note. Any structural damage to your property is at your own risk.

I have given up trying to resolve the “Missing Sample” error. If you get it, try choosing your own sample and call it a remix.


I was missing C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Pigments/Factory/Classic Samples/Percussion Concrete/Case Top.wav, so I tried a few basic analog sounds, some wave tables, and chose one. It’s so easy to do and fun, too. Maybe another day, I’ll try to find a sample.

Thanks for Free Patch Thursday!

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