Free mini sound bank

Rather than post patches on by one, here is link to a small (19 patches) collection I have been working on recently:

If some use protected samples - my apologies I have just discovered this can be a problem.


Hey @Funtmaster thanks for sharing your sounds!
Some cool presets in there!

There is one sample missing from them though, i’ll drop you a PM quickly.

There probably are 'missing" samples in some patches. I can’t be bothered to check them now as they work for me. However, moving forward I will try to stick to Arturia Factory Samples or free samples I find on the web as some 3rd party creators do seem overly protective of their samples. It’s a bit of a pain but I will survive. I hope you enjoy me free patches. I did try selling them in the past but have given up and now give them away just for the feel good factor.


Thanks for sharing this bank. There is some nice variety here. Although there are a number of presets I can’t hear fully because I don’t have the samples you use (not a big deal), there are a number of very pleasing presets. Of course, its easy enough to tweak the presets that don’t work. They won’t sound the same as yours, but the presets that do provide sound serve as a good basis for building layers in lieu of the missing samples.

Many thanks for the feedback. I will be adding to the collection over time (maybe 64 patches) and repost it at some point. I will try to steer clear of 3rd party samples :slight_smile:

For my own sake, I started looking at your presets and making a list. I just started, so there’s only one so far.

Between To Stones
–Sample: …/Factory/Classic Samples/Bassline Hybrids/Bloopy Nooper.wav
----NOTE: I have …/Factory/Classic Samples/Granular Friendly/Bloopy Nooper.wav

I pointed the Engine 2 Sample to the location where I have Bloopy Nooper.wav and saved it with a variant name. I have not used Pigments long enough to know how Arturia does things, but I infer that from time to time resources (such as samples) might get moved around. Perhaps I have Bloopy Nooper.wav under Granular Friendly and different versions of Pigments have it somewhere else.

If this information is useful to you, I’d be happy to PM you if that’s possible. Or if you are moving forward and you don’t mind, I’d be happy to share my findings so others can make tweaks if I can provide an alternate sample location that works.

FYI: when I make tweaks, I usually maker a general note in the comments, but for this one I added, "Changed pointer for Bloopy Nooper.wav to …\Factory\Classic Samples\Granular Friendly folder.

If you don’t want these comments cluttering your “Free mini sound bank” topic, that’s cool with me. I’ll delete it, not post other details about your presets, and won’t be offended.

No offence taken. I treat my patches pretty much as Open Source and have no problem with tweaks, substituting samples or additional notes. I’m not in it to make money, just to spread the word on how good Pigments is. I have several other patch collections and will share them over the next few days.

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Perfect. Thanks!