FL Studio - How can I stop pigments and analog lab from playing at the same time?

I have to set each’s port to 0, so my controls work. But now if I have Pigments and Analog Lab in my channel rack, they will both play at the same time.

Hi @Awake00 . Welcome to the community.

I don’t use FL Studio. I don’t know what it use instruments racks for.

It sound like you send the same messages to multiple instruments at the same time.

There can be different ways to separate messages. In generel don’t send the same messages on the same midi channel to multiple armed instruments at the same time.
Sometimes you may have to set a midi channel in Arturias instruments right panels. But if you in example have a single instrument on one track and another instrument on another track, then just the armed track should be affected and then midi channels does’nt matter.
So it’s mostly about how to use FL Studio and about your workfflow and not about Arturias instruments.

Perhaps this can be a start:
So perhaps ask in a FL Studio forum, if no FL Studio users will reply here. Also refere to FL Studio manual.

Hey thank you!

Typically I don’t have to assign analog lab or pigments a midi channel because the general midi in registers. But in order to get the knobs to select presets to work I do have to set a midi channel. Since I want to control both pigments and analog lab they’re both set to the same midi channel. So they both play.

I did ask in some FL studio forums, just haven’t had an answer yet.

You did ask how not to do that.

If you wan’t some things to be done on the same midi channel and some other things to be done separately, then the midi messages have to be separated in one way or another. You can’t send the same messages on the same midi channel to multiple instruments that is set to react for that same message and then exspect only one instrument is affected.

Midi channels and different midi CC’s is a way to separate messages.

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