[FIXED] Freezing display

When programming patches, Polybrute´s display freezes occasionally. I can play sounds and change values but without feedback it´s not possible to save the sound. So I have to reboot every time and thats not very convenient of course. This is new to me and maybe a problem of summertime / overheating? Anybody else?

Are you on the latest FW? I haven’t had this happen to me… You should also contact support.

this is not new and reported.
See this old forum thread for a detailed analysis.

  • This will help to avoid problems.

Thanx for the link! I hope this will be fixed one day. Own a Kawai K1, Ensoniq VFX and several rack synthesizer and sampler and had never such problems with hardware. Wasn’t expecting that from a flagship synth :frowning:

Yes, dear friend.
All hopes on the update - supposing to come in September, as it was told in another thread, referring to an email from Arturia.
Whether this is an official information or a to early leak - I cannot tell…

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I’ve had this exact issue, but only after the latest FW upgrade, and only when moving several knobs/faders in succession, with the “ensemble” effect on. This could be a coincidence, or, maybe the new effect algorithm is too processor intensive.

Problem solved? YES! After a complete recalibration I didn´t encounter this issue for the last 4 days of heavy patch programming. Please try and report if it works for you too :innocent:

I’m a bit surprised calibration would help with the issue.

In my case I get the freeze whenever I move the VCF envelope when using specific presets. Here’s the first four that always cause a display freeze for me.

  • 1B1 Rudess Lead
  • 1C7 Happy Birthday
  • 1D6 Bard Song
  • 1E5 Piano And Synth

Every time I load one of these, say 1B1, and move the VCF envelope, the display immediately freezes. I can still change presets & parameters and the rest of the synth works, but the display won’t update.

You´re right darthdeus. Get the same result with 1B1 :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello !

Indeed this bug is not new :
On certain presets, moving envelope sliders prior to sustain slider could lead to a freezing screen and unusable 1-8 buttons.

the good news is that we have now a fix available following this link :

Make sure to read the PDF first before importing the fixed factory bank 2.0.

please note that this fix only concern the Factory bank 2.0.

For those who have this problem on additional banks, please follow these steps to fix your preset :

  • load the faulty preset
  • find which sliders freezes your unit by moving attack slider (can be either in VCF / VCA or MOD ENV - in part A or B)
  • reload this preset, and reset the sustain slider to 0
  • press 3 times the save buttons to quick save the preset

→ You’re now able to change ENV values without any issues!

if you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact our support !

Cheers :slight_smile:



Great! Thank you so much :smiley:
So I hope this will be fixed in the next firmware update, because I get this on some generated patches too.

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Hey @Choplifter,

If you still have some troubles with your generated patches you can simply load your faulty user preset, and move the sustain slider of the buggy env to 0 before touching any other env fader. (Can be either VCF / VCA / MOD env, in Part A or B), then save your preset.

To explain a bit the issue here, faulty presets was saved with Sustain value < 0, and that was only possible with few Polybrute prototype, so I’m a bit surprising that you can have this exact freezing issue with a generated user patch…

anyway, if still needed, don’t hesitate to send me your generated patch via private message if wanted, i’ll try to have a look asap.

cheers :slight_smile:



Hi Bastien, thank you very much for your help! What I understand is that the generate function mixes the values of other stored sounds randomly and as long as I have some old faulty presets in my Polybrute this error can still occur. I was also wondering about a malfunction of the display only due to sound values. Seems to me now that the display is a separate hardware module which dumps while computing a negative value and stops working while the soundengine is still operational. I will keep this in mind and consider downloading the fixed Arturia soundset.
Have a nice one :slight_smile:


Yep, you’re totally right.I hadn’t thought of that but this could indeed create some faulty presets too!