Fix Sequencer Scale Root note

Isn’t it possible to set the scale to a different root node than the key pressed in the sequencer?
So that stays in that scale, eg. let’s say Cmajor and if I press C-G-A-F it plays eg. C(EG)-G(BD)-A(CE)-F(AC) and does not switch the scale for every key pressed?

Hi @Jochen . Welcome to the community.

If i understand you correct - then unfortunately no.
In your 3 notes sequence example the A is a Minor scale while the others are Major. So if you make a 3 note sequence using the note settings C-E-G, then the note C will play that, the note F will play F-A-C, the G will play G-B-D, but the A note will play A-C#-E as that’s the set intervals. The sequencer can not guess, you suddenly want other intervals between the sequence notes to get the C instead of C#, when you play the note A. You have to solve this in other ways.
It’s normal behavior for such sequencers.

Yes that is what I meant, to let the sequencer define you “scale interval jumps” on a predefined scale rather than on a different scale for each key pressed. In that example it would be a simple 0-2-4, the scales prime-third-fifth.
Thanks for your reply!