First two modules available: Synth Runner Sound Design Series

Hey Runners! I proudly present the release of the Synth Runner Sound Design Series.

After the huge success and popularity of How to become a Synth Runner which aims at beginners and intermediate levels, I’ve launched a standalone series that is supposed to upgrade your skills to intermediate-advanced levels. By now there are two modules available: Pads and Plucks; Leads (and more modules ) will follow up in the near future. These are all supposed to work standalone, which means that you don’t need to have them all, nor do you need to do them in any particular order: You can just pick whatever you’d love to dive deeper into and work focused on your skills. They’re designed light-weight, which means you’ll get a lot of great knowledge packed into under 3 hours of content for a very nice price: Each module will only cost 19,99€. This way you’re able to create your own learning path by getting the modules that interest you. Or maybe you want to collect them all to ultimatively upgrade your skills? That’s completely up to you!

In each of the modules we’ll always create three different patches together, completely from scratch, and you’ll also get them available as download - so you’re also getting a little mini-soundset for your Pigments on top. There are preview lessons available so that you can enjoy them, have a drink and already learn a bit while figuring out, if a module is the right one for you.

Pluck Module

Enroll here: Synth Runner Sound Design Series - Plucks

This course is about creating pluck patches, e.g. simulating plucking on real instruments like the guitar, or string instruments like the cello, double bass and harp. Plucks are short by design which means they don’t have much time to shine - the content of each note will decay quickly so what we put into that little timeframe matters - and it makes it harder to make plucked patches stand out from each other.

In this module we will explore various options to create a pluck, we will begin with an ambient pluck patch that kind of cheats us a bit around this issue, because while the pluck itself is short, the ambient tail from the reverb will highlight the sound. In episode two we will create a dreamy and haunting pluck which bends the rules of a plucked patch to its limits to get an unique sound, followed by episode three where we will finish with a more classical and realistic sounding pluck that would fit perfectly for scoring movies or games.

You’ll also learn how to add subtle modulation to different parameters in order to create an almost inaudible flavour into the very fabric of the patch, which will lead to a more natural and dynamic feeling rather than a static artifical sound.

Pad Module

Enroll here: Synth Runner Sound Design Series - Pads

This course will expand your horizon when it comes to creating more complex and difficult, cinematic sounding pads. Creating a basic pad is easy, but how can your pads come really alive and stand out? You will learn how to give your patches more depth and uniqueness and how to create patches with a clear vision right from the start, so that you actually end up with the sound that you have imagined.

When it comes to the playability of patches, there are also quite a few things to consider. Sometimes ideas do sound very good at first glance, but mess too much with the practical utility and quality of the sound; learning how to make the right decisions - when and when not to go with an idea - is essential on your journey to become a great Synthrunner. Because at the end of the day our patches shouldn’t just sound good when they are being played in isolation, but also work in compositions and enhance the music.

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Hey Samurais! Both courses are available with 50% off during summer sale :slight_smile: Get the deals here.

Pluck module:

Pad module: