First topic: awesome device!

Arturia has seriously stepped up with their AstroLab. I replaced mi Korg Minilogue with the Minifreak the moment it came out as I was so much looking forward to a standalone+VST synth that I could use either live it at the home studio.

Now I’m thinking about replacing my Nord Electro 4D with the AstroLab. It has everything I use in the Electro (choirs, strings, pianos, organs) and also a lot of the great Arturia VST synths. Awesome!

I’m also glad they added the next/previous buttons that are so missed in the Minifreak for playing live.

Here’s hoping the VST synths licensed needed for deep editing come in some bundle with discount for AstroLab owners in the future. Or at least being able to purchase a few of them at a lower price if you have AstroLab registered.

Other than that, awesome job, seriously. I’m sure designing the interface wasn’t easy at all. Everything makes so much sense in terms of UX.

Keep up the great job!


Hi @molul

Great to hear you’re so impressed with and getting on so well with the new AstroLab!

It really does look and sound like a highly impressive bit of kit for sure! :heart_eyes:

I have always had a stage piano and a synth. However, when recording, I always use the Arturia piano. If this comes out in 76 or 88, maybe with an improved Keybed then I would definitely go for it. How will the software work going forward? Will it keep updating with new versions of instruments?
Awesome idea and on my wish list in a different size