First experience with Arturia product (slight rant)

I recently bought an Arturia 49 MK3 (less than a month ago) as a way to pare down my band to just two members (vocals and me). I’ve been absolutely happy with the way I’m not tied to my laptop enabling me to focus on performance and dynamics.

On our first gig, lo and behold, the controller started playing a note whenever I press a specific key (pressing A results in C# to be played in full velocity as well) mid-performance. It was totally embarassing and I had to adjust the song during the performance (I use splits majority of the live set).

Now I’m stuck in email-tag hell wth Arturia’s Support and After Sales, convinced that I should lower my expectations regarding a swift resolution to this problem.

I fervently wish all of you don’t get to experience what just happened to me.