Firmware and Connect update WHY?


I was told, by Connect, to update my Polybrute firmware.
But, what is the difference between version 3.0.0 and
Not listed anywhere on Arturia’s site!

I also had to update Polybrute Connect, why?? What is the difference with the previous version?

Please respond…


The latest FW and PBC are just maintenance releases. There’s nothing nefarious about it :slight_smile:

The release notes are on the Resources page - click the “?” in the Info column to see the release notes, and click “Show archives” below the Firmware section to see previous releases.

Here are the latest FW and PBC release notes:

Release Notes

  • Please ensure to first update your PolyBrute Connect to version 3.0.2 before upgrading your firmware

Bug fixes

  • Voices + filter pan stereo mode with parallel filters is now behaving correctly
  • No more values jumps when modulating Morph Knob with voices mod source
  • Hook knob catch mode works with every parameters of every presets
  • Sequencer Midi Out channel can now be set properly on hardware

Release Notes
PolyBrute Connect
V 3.0.2

  • Firmware updates are now only allowed in standalone

Bug Fixes

  • No more display issues on high resolution monitors or high scales settings
  • Init presets modified in software are now well transmitted to hardware

Great, thank you for the information…

I didn’t know this was under the ? sign…I thought this stated the uploading method or something else…

I did the firmware first instead of the other way around!
Must I have to do everything again?
(or go back to an older firmware version?)

THANK YOU again for your response…
I became a bit “wiser” again.



If your firmware and PBC is at the latest version and they are talking to each other, you should be good :+1: