Firmware 3.0–nice!

I just finished installing the PolyBrute Connect and firmware 3 updates. So far all is well. I’m playing around with the new distortion effects and got the sound I was missing for the Led Zeppelin’When the Levee Breaks’ harmonica part. Not a harmonica, but raggedy in a good way. Looking forward to finding more!


Hey @Kretzpah
That’s great to hear!
Really pleased you’re enjoying the new firmware :sunglasses:

Now go and create! :wink:

After two and a half years of tearing my hair out trying to get Polybrute to work properly with Connect - Voila! Firmware 3 arrives and everything works perfectly - as it should have done from day one! It’s like having a new synth. I came very close to selling my PB a few times - really glad I kept it now.


That’s GREAT news!
So glad to hear you’re properly up and running now!

Time to go and create! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: