Filter contour peak not consistent

Mini V, Version 3.12. I’m trying to make a simple Wendy-Carlos-esque patch that’s nothing but white noise with a descending filter sweep. I’m noticing, though, that if I hit a key while the instrument is basically sitting there “dead” the filter cutoff starts off at high frequency and the filter contour decay is a little over four seconds. But if I hit the same note again before the previous one is completely decayed away, the filter contour starts up a lot higher. Is that just a quirk of Minimoog behavior? I’m expecting the filter cutoff to start at the same frequency no matter when a given key is hit instead of getting an “extra kick up” from not having completely decayed yet.

Can you export the preset and attach it here?

Here it is (I think):

Mini_Preset_Adjutorium Noise Down_20240220_00h15.minix (12.8 KB)

This is what I perceive the filter contour is doing (the down arrows are key presses):

This may be just how Minimoogs act; I don’t know how universal that is across Moogs (I don’t recall the Polymoog 203A filter acting like this) but I don’t think the Oberheim Matrix-6R does (that’s the analog synthesizer I have the most hands-on experience with).

Hi all,

This envelope behavior is a part of a real Minimoog sound.
Many older synths start at the current envelope level.
To start a envelope level at zero when activating a note, then the level of the envelope must have reached the zero level.
So this is something to consider when making the envelope settings including choosing if the Decay shall be activated or not.
The envelope behavior can have an impact on how fast playing will sound, depending on the settings.

Thank you for the information. I’ll either design the patch to open up the filter to where I want it on a keypress from “dead” or use a different instrument. As it happens, for what I’m trying to use this for right now, that’s acceptable.