Film score using V Collection 7. Carpenter-wannabe

Got some inspiration from documentary about John Carpenter. Using CMI, Prophet and Piano from Arturia. Added some timpani and a live bass.

Any feedback is welcome. I just scrolled through presets til I found something that got me inspiration. For more atmospheric sounds, which synth do you recommend?


Hi @Darkecil and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

That’s actually quite impressive!
You’ve really picked up on quite a few of his compositional idioms, harmonically, progression and rhythm wise.

John Carpenter seems to be a VERY common influence to MANY of us into synths, whether they’re into techno, drum and bass, generative, music concrete, pop, industrial, electro funk etc. I find that rather intriguing. :nerd_face:

You’ve created an interesting approximation there! Nice work. :sunglasses:

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Great job! It also reminded me of some of the work of Georgio Moroder, in particular on the movie Catpeople. I think it was the rhythm, rather than the patches. He also used a Prophet 5, but I think for me the Synclavier is what stands out the most on that sountrack. Also some hints of Vangelis’ Bladerunner soundtrack, particularly some of the brassy sounds. Enjoyed listening to that. Thank you.


Hi @Darkecil ,

Well done. Nice use of Arturia factory presets.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.
Perhaps you mean something like the Augmented series - perhaps especially the Voices and the Strings.
Also perhaps something like Pigments.
Also check Arturias other newer products. I believe Carpenter in example used the E-mu Arturia now have emulated.
So many synths and samplers out there.
Also i can suggest layering of sounds.


Good track, Darkecil!
You’re not afraid of using some dissonances.
The best atmospheric bank I came across recently is Outer Reaches by John Louis Kluck for Pigments. Beware! It’s dead slow as Pete Namlook would put it.
Also Sunset Unwind and Nahr on Pigments, both for Pigments.

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He has also used The Synclavier A LOT in his work, as well as a Triton i believe.
Rather interesting article here you might find enlightening.

SOS John Carpenter article.

Yes and many others. But the OP should - unlike Emulator-II V and other new instruments in VC9 that Carpenter also have used - allready have Synclavier V and more instruments used by Carpenter in VC7.

Articles about used instruments can be interesting, but i just wanted to reply the OP’s question about recommendations in context.

@LBH @francoise @matjones @bigblip
Thanks for the input and kind words!

matjones, that was an interesting article and it reminded me to listen to Goblin and Tangerine Dreams that I almost forgotten about. The Triton is quite special for me and I have that as a virtual instrument. Made an album back in 2004 together with my cousin who had/have a Triton, with that, an old PC and some live instruments.

bigblip, put on Moroder now. Great suggestion, and the first that came up, before I put on Catpeople, was Chase which reminded me to listen to Mike Oldfield as well! Thought it sounded like something from him. And Vangelis, of course! Checked out your page and listened some to Detronics, great!

LBH and francoise, I’m not quite sure what I mean with more atmospheric sounds. I think that I would like to combine themes or songs with parts with something, guess it’s more about sound design and creating, as you say layering of sounds. I don’t think I have Pigments in my Collection 7, so can’t check that out at the moment.

I wished I had more time to dig deeper into sound design and tweaking of sounds, some day maybe.

What kind of midi controllers/keyboards do you all use? I have the Arturia Keylab61 essential. Not 100% satisfied with the feel of the keys and regretting a little bit that I didn’t buy the “non-essential” version. But I’m not a keyboard player and can’t quite justify to upgrade.

Again, thanks!