Does anyone know if Arturia (or anyone else for that matter) makes a controller with all 3 of the following features?:

  1. Aftertouch
  2. Arpeggiator
  3. Ability to split the keyboard into two zones, each of which controls 2 individual hardware synths?

I think the MK2 has aftertouch and the split capability I mention, perhaps the MK3 will have both of those and also an Arpeggiator, but who knows if it will, or when it will come out. It looks like the Novation Impulse 61 will do all three, but I’d like to stick with Arturia if I can.

HI @GZalot and welcome to the Sound Explorers Forum.

I am not 100% familiar with Arturia’s controllers, but it might be worth a good look around the range here Arturia Controllers to see if anything fits all your needs.


As far as I know Arturia has controllers with 2 of the 3 features but nothing in production with all 3. I’m hoping the Keylab 61 MKIII will, but who knows when that will be out.