Feature update possible

Do you think Arturia could update the firmware on the Minilab 3 to have a master clock tempo out to external hardware and also have the sequencer like In the keystep? I travel to play music for work and the minilab is much easier to travel with, and the 32 keystep doesn’t have a screen to set the tempo only the 37 and the 37 is too big to travel with as a carry on.

Since the minilab has a screen and a midi out and is a later product, it seems like this is feasible! not sure though just uncertain what to do as the 37 would be nice but is too big for me most of the time.

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I’m with you on this… since it has a proper midi out … it’s a pity I can’t control tempo of an external sequencer.
maybe reusing the internal tempo setting of the arpeggiator module to send it out as midi clock?
let’s wait and see :slight_smile: