[Feature Requests] My Pigments Wish List

Probably a little bit late to the party here, but here’s what I’ve got. Some of these might have been requested before but figured I’d throw them in anyway.

FX Bus C - Would love to have the option to toggle this between a send bus and a normal FX bus. I rarely use the send feature and would enjoy the ability to just have three more effects slots.

Hybrid Filters - Basically I would like to see the option to have multi-purpose filters, such as a filter that has a high pass and a notch filter with independent cutoff control. This could give a lot of freedom to shape sound but still keep the second filter available for something like a comb filter or formant.

Reverse FM - This might take a bit of explaining. So the wavetable oscillator has a built-in FM oscillator, but the carrier wave is always what is shown in the wavetable. What if you could REVERSE the signal flow, and use the wavetable to modulate what is usually the modulation oscillator? I find that if I’m using a more complex wavetable as a modulator, my carrier waves tend to be fairly basic shapes anyway. I can do this now using two wavetable oscillators with the cross-modulation (a million thank you’s for that btw) but the “reverse FM” capability would free up the second oscillator entirely.

Global Master Tune Modulation - Would enjoy being able to set this as a modulation target without using the pitch bend wheel.

Custom Noise Folder - Basically it would be set up like the sample engine, but without any of the extra bells and whistles

Noise Start Time - Would also like to be able to choose the exact starting point for a noise sample, as opposed to purely random or just at the beginning

Reverb - Would be cool to have multiple algorithms to choose from.

Manually Input Values - Think I’ve seen this requested previously but throwing it out there.

Think that’s all of them. Pigments is already my favorite synth, but these could take it from a"desert island synth" to “colonize another planet” synth. And a big thanks to everyone who has helped the synth get where it is today!

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