[Feature requests] (and thanks)


First I want to thanks the developper team for building this incredible synth, and also listening to our features requests, I’m having a blast since Pigments 2. The workflow is unmatched, a real joy. You worked hard and you’re slowly beating all the other synths and I’m glad I choose Pigments a few years ago

Now I want to throw a lot of ideas at you, are you ready ?

Here are some reasonable feature requests :

  • Possibilty to have the retrig LFO source set to “completely free” even when the sequencer is on. (is it me or that was possible before ?? Confused…). For now it triggers to every sequencer note (not that free then :slight_smile: )

  • A master pitch knob (for all sound engines at once) + shift octave on the oscillator pitch holding “shift”

  • Delay : A duck option for the delay FX

  • Delay : A different time signature for the right and left side of the delay

  • Being able to macro the amount of randomness (the dices)

  • Sequencer : put the octave line close to the pitch line (does it make sense ?!) PLEASE

  • Function : being able to manipulate the shape (the roundness) of all “triangles” at once using “shift” or with a specific knob

  • Any solution so that I don’t have to write my name again EVERYTIME I save a new preset. I made about 2000 preset and I’m so fed up typing. (Pitié les gars me laissez pas en plan!)

  • Allow to make a restricted play zone on the keyboard (some presets sound good only on a specific range)

Now the crazy feature requests :

  • On the enveloppes : a delay before ADSR

  • On the Kaarplus type of delay, being able to fix time speed to a pitch (a bit like the comb filter)

  • Alternative ways to “read” the wavetables like in other synth (massive, serum)

  • Sequencer : Possibility to have an alternative scene (A and B) or to move the loop. In order to have different melodies available

  • Demande delirante : avoir un switch au niveau de la fonction chord, qui declaenche l’accord en midi et donc l’arpegiateur joue un accord.

  • Delirant aussi : possibilité d’appliquer la distortion “par voix” (saturation agreable si on joue une note mais si on joue un accord il y a trop de distorsion)

  • Avoir une bande de plus dans le compresseur multibande (OU : un EQ dynamique ?!)

  • Ajouter une effet nouveau (un stutter type Freezer ?) pour ajouter du piment

Pour resumer ma demande je souhaiterais que Pigments devienne une usine à gaz :slight_smile:

Bon courage pour la suite, et RDV à la version 6

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HI @Mushroom_Sounds and thanks for the feature requests, that’s a great list you have there! :sunglasses:

We’ll keep this marked as feature requests so our team are aware of it.



Concernant l’ajout d’un nouvel effet. Recapitulatif + d’autres idées :

  • un eq dynamique
  • un stutter type audiomodern Freezr
  • un pitch shifter
  • une reverb à plaque

Concernant le compresseur multibande, la possibilité de pouvoir moduler le volume d’une bande serait génial pour par exemple sidechainer les basses (ou autre)

  • Un vocoder