[feature request]

Hello. Fiddling around between Micro and Mini (V), would recommend the following features :slight_smile:

-A “MicroFreak” Midi controller Profle for MiniFreak V, alongside the following functions in a new firmware udpate :

  • The Use of Normal and “Shift functions” - as advertised on the panel for this controller profile (W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G) within MiniFreak V (where applicable).

  • The added use of [SHIFT + DECAY/RELEASE] to control only the Decay and [SHIFT + FILTER AMT] to control the Release

  • The added use (no benefit to non-users of MiniFreak V) of [SHIFT + TYPE/WAVE/TIMBRE/SHAPE] to control OSC2 Basic Waves/Morph/Sym/Sub parameters.

  • The added use of LFO [SHIFT + SHAPE], [SHIFT + RATE ] and [SHIFT +PRESS/SYNC] to control LFO2 parameters (ie also [SHAPE] [RATE] and [SYNC] would of course allow to cycle/Speed/Slow/Sync LFO1

-The added use of the [MATRIX] encoder AND its push function AND [ASSIGN 1/2/3] for the MiniFreak Modulation Matrix

  • The default use of Cycling Envelope [AMOUNT] to dry/wet FX when outputing Midi CC to MiniFreak V

  • The use of [SHIFT + AMP MODE] to cycle through Mono/Unison/Poly/Para of MiniFreak V voices folder, while [PARAPHONIC] would force it to Para (wysiwyg)

  • The added “SHIFT + UP” to cycle through Up/Down/Up&Down Arpeggiation (Micro&MiniFreak V)

  • Use of [OCT/MOD 1/2/3/4], [RATE/SWING/SYNC] Button simple or shifted for [TEMPO/SWING/TIME DIVISION] alongside faithfull ARP/SEQ/OFF sequencer state and (ARP/SEQ) Page Calling.

  • The Use of the rotary [PRESET] Encoder to scroll trough MiniFreak V Presets (but not the button press so as not to trigger unwanted effects, same for Master, utility and save.

This is a lot to add, but this is no MINI sales drop. For people already having the Micro : it’s its own thing, the small size is key, and the keystep is quite enjoyable to play for those (others go to the MINI if they don’t like). It’s MORE MiniFreak V sales ! And probably more MicroFreaks. MiniFreakV becomes sorta Microfreak V (but not for free, maybe a discount).

For People having only the Mini : nothing is stolen from them, they enjoy the added control real estate, it basically keeps the “Freak” community moving forward.

For People having both : extra convenience. Take only the little one in the backpack with the laptop and a minifuse, leave the bigger one at home.

Hi @Berkut and thanks for the requests, that’s a great list there and YEAH the *Freak range are rather good!

We’ll keep this marked up as a feature request so our team see it.