[Feature Request] Would love to see an option to confirm before changing presets

So many times I’ve lots progress on a patch I’m designing because I thought I was in mod matrix mode on the pads and instead I was in preset mode. I press a pad expecting to adjust a mod matrix parameter and instead I load a new preset and all my changes are lost. Occasionally the preset versions functions saves some of my work, but usually they are gone completely. The Hydrasynth has this functionality and it’s saved my ass soooooo many times.

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I’d like it as an option, though, not 100% of the time. It’d be annoying to see every time, but if I’m dedicating an hour or afternoon to building presets for something, I’d turn it on then.

Oh yes, i also lost many patches because of the somewhat non foolproof saving process. Instead of saving to a different destination i loaded the Preset of the destination, mostly init. :grimacing:

I also sometimes accidentally press a matrix button, thinking I’m in the modulation mode… I’ve mostly learnt though, and put the matrix in modulation mode if I’m doing anything “important” :slight_smile:

When you have an edited patch and then change the preset, your edited patch is automatically stored as a snapshot. A history of 5 snapshot is being kept. I’ve been saved by this a few times. Just did a quick test, making several edits and changing preset in between each. Every of those edits gets recalled fine here.

Aren’t the snapshots working for you folks?

They’re working for me. In fact, I was going to suggest them to OP, but it looks like he’s already aware. It’s a bit puzzling that it’s not saving his work, since it should really be no issue and, as you said, should save as it leaves the preset and should be immediately recallable.