[Feature Request] Wavetable Editor For Pigments

The title is self explanatory really.

While Pigments allows us this simple ability to use any waveform of a certain length to serve as a wavetable, what it really needs is the ability to edit, reposition and delete unwanted frames within that sample.

More refined wavetables means more refined patches.


Hi @simon.a.billington

Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.


This would be very helpful; a basic setting to control just how granular the steps are in a wavetable would be a nice first step. For example, if I don’t want all of these, maybe half, having a way to reduce those steps (in real time) would be awesome.


I agree, that would be a nice enhancement!

Until that happens, I helped myself by using the Wavetable-editor in Vital (which is free) and imported the so created wavetable into Pigments.

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Good idea! You got my vote!