[Feature request] Value ranges for custom destinations are not available

Current behavior of the modulation of effects in firmware

  • There are several virtual modulation destinations (custom destinations, such as “Vib AM”) that do not have a corresponding control button.
  • If you use them as a modulation destination, it is possible to modulate the corresponding parameter from 0 to the value set in the modulation matrix.

If you want to use one of these “Custom Destinations” as a modulation destination, let’s take “Vib AM” as an example, which is controlled via the cyclic envelope, but also have a slight vibrato active at the beginning, which becomes more and more intense as the cyclic envelope increases, this is currently not possible. Unfortunately, this also applies to the other parameters mentioned under “Custom Destinations” in the instructions.

The introduction of value ranges for the modulation destinations mentioned above can provide a simple and effective remedy here.

Description of the solution:

  1. New configuration menu item “Modulation Matrix → Custom Destinations”
  2. The submenu contains the individual destinations for which you can set a lower minimum value and an upper maximum value, between which the modulation can then be set in the modulation matrix at a strength of 0 (corresponds to the minimum value set here) to 100 (corresponds to the maximum value set here). Alternatively, exactly these limits could also be displayed within the matrix during editing.
  3. This procedure would also solve the current problem that exists when bipolar signals (e.g. an LFO) are used to modulate unipolar targets (e.g. VCA), because in the example mentioned, there is currently no modulation at all in one half of the LFO phase.

Hi @PhonicGate

Many thanks for another detailed and well thought out post, i’ll mark it as a feature request so our team see it.


Actually, this is not an additional feature, but a necessity that should have been there from the start. But that’s just mentioned in passing. After the disaster with this current device, I will probably look to other manufacturers in the future to achieve my musical goals.