[Feature Request] User experience and Feature Request

Hello guys,

Here is some Feature Request for what some are essential to me while other would be just nice to have it:

-Pattern follow mode

Unless I missed something, I could not easily find (at all) how to use and switch between several pattern within the same track/instance of Acid V as you can usually do with any other 303 emulation (ABL3, Phoscyon, ect…).

This is really, for me, the biggest negative point for the moment.

That would be the main reason why I will not use Acid V in a project for now. I can use so many iterations of a starting pattern in a single track. I can’t open a instance of Acid V for any pattern I want to use…

I know that I could drag and drop the pattern sequences in my instrument track but that’s just not the way I work. That would be a bit of a step back to me. I like to program my patterns into the plugin and trigger them by midi notes and while other top plugin can do it I don’t feel I will start working that way.

I guess for this to work that you would have to allocate the keyboard to MIDI triggering instead of key changing, then use the Up/Down Shift parameter to transpose the notes.

I am very curious to know if this was intended to be like that, as an Arturia philosophy ?

Honestly, I am pretty sure that this wont be of the taste of everybody but I would be more than happy to have your feedback on this

-Pattern editor follow event mode

It woud be very nice to have a “Sync” or “Follow” button to be able to see and follow in real time the internal sequencer while playback.
But i know that it might be difficult to implement… It’s just that it would be easier with patterns with more than 16 steps.

-Start/Stop button

Here, in Acid V, you trigger the sequencer by pulling a note. This is to me not practical. Even more if you are using the stand alone version. So you have to pull the the hold button, then, a note of the keyboard.
A Start/Stop button, meaning one click (or even better linked with the space button of you computer keyboard for instance), would be very useful.

-Wave (Audio) Analyzer

Last but not least, the Wave Analizer.
This is, I believe, one of the greatest feature in ABL3.
So yes, sometimes the result is nothing related with the wave your are looking for but anyway it helps and it can also lead to unexpected and surprising results!

So, what do you think about it?

Again, thanks for this nice gear. Can’t wait for future updates!


Hi @Julian

Thanks for sharing your ideas to improve our products! we really appreciate our community’s feedback.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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Here an additional Feature request that would be nice to have:

-Rename and Overwrite Patterns

Would be nice to be able to overwrite a pattern when you save it after having changing something. For the moment it saves the same pattern with a (1) after its name making a bunch of same pattern with the same name except for the (1) iteration… Then you have to delete the old ones…

Also, it would be great to be able the simply rename your patterns in the User Sequence browser

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