[Feature request] Standalone Morphee?

I’m looking for a standalone MIDI (and/or CV) controller that is similar to the Morphee on the Polybrute. An XYZ controller would be incredibly useful for string programming. Does anyone know if this might be an option Arturia is considering? (The “other” standalone option that seems close is SNEW, which doesn’t quite give the same result)

Hey @antonriehl welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Thanks for sharing your topic, I have no information about new releases on XYZ controllers so far but I’ll let you know if something new arrives.

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Hello !

If you don’t want to wait us to release a standalone Morphee (which I think is a very good idea), you may want to look into Expressive-E Touché.

This is probably the closer standalone version of a Morphee that you will be able to find.

Cheers !


Thanks @Tim.Arturia and @sand.arturia
I am familiar with the Touché, but unfortunately it uses SNEW controls (4 outputs instead of 3). And this is achieved by applying pressure to different regions on the controller. This can very much be a useful performance option, but is not the type of control I am looking for.

Currently I’m using a Sensel Morph, which does allow me to have XYZ controls, and honestly it is fantastic, but unfortunately they have stopped supporting it, and eventually it will be difficult to maintain, so I’m keeping my eye out for other controllers that might be a future upgrade. A standalone Morphée seems like it could be an ideal solution.

Thanks for the replies (and yes, I’ve been a subscriber to the newsletter for years), I’ll keep my eye out for future releases.



I wasn’t aware of the Sensei Morph, this seems pretty nice !
It looks like a bit like Joué devices :slight_smile:

I remember that I’ve once seen a publicity for a tactile and pressure sensitive midi controller somewhere on the internet.
If I remember the name of this device I will post it here too.

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Thanks for the Joué link! Definitely has that Sensel Morph vibe to it, with the overlays especially! The Morph had a Buchla Thunder overlay which is the one I use a lot, really expressive controller :slight_smile:

Will check out that Joué more