[Feature Request] Spark 2-VST3 Format

It would be need nice if we could get Spark 2 in the VST3 format. I still use this plugin because it is really good. Thanks Arturia for creating such great products.


Hi @Boywonder77

Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.



Yes, it would be nice to have an updated Spark 2, for AU as well, with a resizable GUI.



I would really love to just see spark revamped. even if they needed to rebrand it to fit into the current controller/software lines. I still use spark 2 as my main drum machine software and i dread the day the software rots out. turnkey integration of the software with beatstep pro would be a great step forward as well

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For my two penneth, I would be happy just to see Spark run on Apple M1/2 natively and the GUI resizeable.

Thats it.

Its still a great drum machine and the library is extensive as it is but more packs would be welcome :slight_smile:

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