[Feature Request] Sorry to Point This Out - But


The graphical mapping of the upper manual is incorrect… Middle C is displaying one octave higher than it should. Also, clicking on the keyboard graphic produces notes that are one octave lower than they should be.

There is no problem with external midi messages sounding at the correct pitch - it is just the graphical mapping that is one octave higher than it should be - see the above image.

Can we have this corrected please?

Hey @Selinita thanks for this!

I just checked the english version of the Manual and didn’t find this image you shared.
Could you please precise in which manual did you find this? and if possible give us the exact page or chapter? it will help us a lot.


Salut !

J’ai pris cette image avec l’outil Capture d’écran. Il s’agit des graphiques du logiciel ! Les touches du clavier supérieur ne correspondent pas. Si on tape la note C4 on entend la note correctement mais on ne le vois pas correctement. J’espére que c’est plus claire ?


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Alright! it doesn’t come from the manual itself, thanks for clarifying.

I’ll mark this topic as a feature request to send your feedback to our team and take into account this improvement. Many thanks for pointing it!


It is not a feature request - it is a programming error !

I don’t know if you can mark it as that ?

(Je n’ai pas envie de râler, mais je râle s’il faut ! - locution française moderne !!!) :blush:

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Hey @Selinita we appreciate all our community feedback.
This forum is meant to be a community tool for Sound Explorers.

If you need technical support , please feel free to log in to your account to contact our support team that will give you all the detailed information. :woman_astronaut:

Just checking the ‘legacy’ forum for any comments on this issue and what do I find… In 2016 this issue was brough to your attention and NOTHING has been done about it ???

Hmm, interesting @Selinita thanks for bringing this important subject back.

It might be possible that this issue wasn’t reported officially by contacting our support service to have a follow up on that and that’s why the team doesn’t know about it, sorry for that.

I can share your feedback but it will be really helpful if you directly contact our support team

Hope we will find a way to correct this, thanks again :zap: