[Feature Request] Show/hide macros and resize GUI vertically

The fact that you can’t expand it vertically or remove the macro knobs so you can read the information is kind of frustrating, especially when I’m sorting through my own patches. Is there anyway to customize that portion of the UI or is it just set.

Hi @spicelord and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

At present there is no way to hide the macro controls, i’ll log this as a feature request for you though.


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Hi @spicelord . Welcome from me too.

You do have scroll bars and the more/ less option - right?
It should be able to read all the information allready, but yes - perhaps not without scrolling.

Yes, but it would be nice if I could glance over the preset descriptions and tags without having to scroll down on every single one. Especially when I’m using an external controller to sort through them. It’s not a huge deal though.