[Feature Request] Settings Preset Info >Generate

Often times, I use this as an inspiration to create new sounds. I have noticed that the “randomness” could be more random. Is there any way to apply more randomness?

Hi there,
this is a question asked a few times.
The Randomness is not “throwing the dice” of all possible settings (like known from the Virus)
It takes the existing presets and throws the dice of all existing settings. Mod values are sometimes set to “0” values - but activ in the matrix
The exception seems to be the basic soundsetting (polyphony, split, layer, etc). They stay constant.
So, if you have only Init presets, the randomness ist limited…

Careful - there seems to be a bug in the randomizer: Sometimes it stops “throwing the dice”.
Solution: Select an empty preset slot (mayby save the current design beforehand) and reset to Init (even if it is already an Init). Now the randomizer works again and you can go back to work…