[Feature Request] Serial Connect Power and Data Two MiniFUSE-2

I have two MiniFUSE 2, one that’s always ready to carry with me, and the other stays at home.

It would be useful to be ability to plug my second MiniFUSE 2 into the other, and have all 4 inputs, et cetera display on my workstation.

I imagine you would rather I buy a MiniFUSE 4, but I would eventually ask the same thing; make it possible to daisy-chain two MiniFUSE 4 together.

Thank you, and keep making wonderful, shiny music making gear.

on mac you can do it in “audio midi setup” - “Create aggregate device”.

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And on Linux both will be available at the same time - you just have to select what application/service uses which (or both in some cases), either in the app or using a decicated tool (e.g. pipewire or pulseaudio frontend).

You’re out of luck on Windows, though.