[Feature request] Sequencer: change modulations abruptly per step

The PolyBrute sequencer can record modulation changes from three sources, which is really neat. I sometimes use the sequencer without any note events and only with modulation changes as some sort of custom modulation envelope.

Modulations appear to be recorded as relative changes from the previous step, and the changes from one step to the next are linearly interpolated.

It would be great if modulations could be specified as absolute values and if the interpolation could be disabled (either per sequence or from step to step). For example, I’d like to be able to select no interpolation at all, so that the modulation value jumps from one step to the next without any intermediate values, as if there was a sample+hold.

I’m trying to approximate this by setting two or more steps to the same value and doubling or tripling the sequencer speed, but this is all very tedious.

Immediate mod lane steps is a popular feature request. Even better if we get an adjustable slew rate for it.

I know that Arturia has this one registered, but of course reminders like yours highlights how much this is wanted. Let’s hope we’ll see it in a future update :+1: