[Feature Request] Separate Envelopes per synth engine

Pigments allows the creation of essentially 2 separate sounds when parallel filters are used and the split output sent to FXA and FXB. However, there is a limitation. Both synth engines are using Env VCA, so share an amplitude envelope. I know there are workarounds to this such as setting Env VCA to max sustain and release, then using Env 2 and 3 or a Function in Envelope mode to control the volume of each synth engines independently. But this is then using 3 Envelopes when really only 2 are needed. Can Env VCA have a toggle for example so that it affects either Synth Engine 1 AND 2 or just Engine 1, allowing a second Envelope to control Engine 2 and thus allow an Envelope to be freed up?


Hi @Funtmaster

That’s an interesting idea for sure!

I will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.


Awesome idea! Absolutely yes, please.

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Popped a vote in - Would love independent VCA’s for each engine.

For me, having the sub/bass on engine 3 come in fairly fast and the pads on engine 1 & 2 with slow attack without modulating the volume with another Envelope would be great.