[Feature request] Send external audio over USB?

The PolyBrute is an amazing synthesizer, and sometimes I’m a little sad that it has no way of interfacing with external audio sources.

There is no analog audio input, of course, but the PolyBrute could have a way to accept external audio via USB. Would the architecture of the PolyBrute generally allow feeding digital audio into the audio signal chain, or is this outright impossible, e.g. because the digital signal chain only begins at the FX stage?

In the latter case would it still be technically possible to feed external audio over USB into the FX stage?

Hi @rekado and thanks for the request.

As you’ve pointed out yourself, this is highly dependant on the architecture of the synth itself, so may or may not be possible.
Hopefully someone from Arturia can chip in with an answer for you.