[Feature Request] send bank and program change with the central wheel

Hello, my name is Martin. I am trying to set up Arturia KeyLab 88 MKII to change presets on external synthesizers (right now on Waldorf Blofeld). I am struggling to set up the scrub wheel program to incrementally change +1/-1 programs within the bank and then those left and right arrows underneath it to cycle between banks. Looks like the devs didn’t think of this feature even in Mark 2 keykab.

How hard could it be to update firmware on the current keys to enable this feature? Woth my previous controller this was easy and a no brainer. Please Arturia.

Meanwhile, is there any workaround? For ex. setting a pair of rotary knobs for what I need? Or one pair of pads for cycling between selected banks and other between programs 0-127?

HI @24love and welcome to the Sound Explorers Forum.

I do not own a KL-88 myself, so cannot comment on whether this is already possible, so i’ll mark it as a feature request meanwhile.

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In the meantime, the support got to me. They pointed out that precisely what I need is doable via the big rotation knob in the middle in the user mode. Easy. My fault I didn’t read the manual.

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HI @24love

Many thanks on updating us on the situation, it’s appreciated!

We’ll mark this solved then.