[Feature Request] Selecting a preset without pressing - just by rotating?

When I select a suitable preset in Analog Lab or Pigments, I have to go through quite a lot of options - so very often I have to repeat the same operation: turning the main encoder and pressing it.

What if we simplified this? Make sure that the preset is selected only by turning the main encoder! After all, what is the point of pressing the encoder if we are in the process of searching for the desired sound?

The main danger is probably that we can accidentally touch this encoder during the game and unexpectedly change the preset?

Then maybe implement a special entrance to the preset selection mode only by rotation? For example, double-click on the main encoder and turn on the preset selection mode by simply turning it without pressing! Double-click the encoder again and turn off this mode.

This would be really convenient - especially since double-clicking the main encoder is now, as I understand it, not used in any way?

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Hi @leonid.t

Thanks for your suggestions!

I’ll mark them as a feature request so our team is aware of them.

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