[Feature Request] Sample Playback for MiniFreak PLEEEEEEZZZZEEEE!

So I’ve had my MiniFreak for about two weeks now, and I’m already very, very impressed by it.

A lot of menu-diving (as compared to, say, my Behringer Poly D,) well, yes. Much higher learning curve than a vintage-style synth? Absolutely.

But I will, say: if you employ just enough patience to continue to stick with this synth, it will just continue to give back, in droves. I am particularly loving Sound Designing on it.

So I will say,-from my perspective, at least-if/when you decide to add the Sample Playback functions that you already have added to the MicroFreak, well, at that point I think I would have to say the MiniFreak will have entered Near Perfect/Perfection territory.

For what this synth does, and is intended to do, the addition of Sample Playback, I think, immediately takes it into the territory of important classic synths like the Prophet VS, the Korg M1 and even the Yamaha DX7. They’ll be talking about the MiniFreak in that same way, 20-30 years from now, is my opinion on that.

So, Arturia: pleaaaaeeeaassse, add it, soon?

Anybody else interested in Sample Playback on the MiniFreak?


Hi @Deepmojoman and thanks for the compliments!

Yes, The MiniFreak IS an amazing ‘little’ beast for sure, i LOVE mine :heart_eyes:

I’ll mark this as a Feature Request as it could be a fantastic feature.

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I agree 100% with the initial post, the synthesizer is a war machine but with the ability to add samples it will truly be the perfect synthesizer. I hesitated between the microfreak and the minifreak because the microfreak offered the incorporation of samples. We are very close to perfection (I’m not saying flawless because I haven’t found any faults) But with samples there would be just no reason not to throw yourself directly into the arms of this synthesizer. I am very optimistic for the future of this brand, it is our little French pride!! :fr::fr:


Lacks of microfreak engines (not only samples but granular and user wavetables too) just keeps me from upgrading. Really wish to see those features.

Hi @alex and @Ignosce welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

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