[ Feature Request ] Render To Wavetable (creating wavetables with Pigments presets)


What about simple wavetable creation as create wavetable from preset? I mean, for example, I’ll create a sound (in Pigments) and render it into wavetable (from Pigments). The duration will be based on chosed envelope, function or user can add specific duration time. Once rendered, the wavetable will be saved in User area in wavetables section, with possibilty add it into wavetable oscilator (engine A or B) after render (this option will be by default turned off to not change a original preset).

And I forgot add, the possibility of number of wavetables (for example, 2 - 256) that means when I render sound into wavetable, it will be used only 10 wavetables (if I choose that number), by default can be 256 (or max possible wavetable number).

I understand that this is doable with DAW (render sound into audio and then prepare it for Pigments) but integrated possibility I described will be big time saver. Btw this possibility have Serum for example.