[Feature Request] Preset list export?

I love my MicroFreak but am kind of bummed there doesn’t seem (unless I am missing something?) to be any way of exporting and printing the list of all presets living on my synth in a text format for reference. I think I have found a way of extracting presets’ names and their numbers from a MIDI Control Center export file made using the “Recall to Computer” function. Now, depending on the potential interest or lack thereof, I could either leave such a hypothetical future exporter as a rough tool for my private use or try and expose it as a web tool for anyone interested to use (you upload your .mfprojz file and get a PDF in response).

So, are there any potential MicroFreak users interested in having their preset names printed out for their marking-up, highlighting and doodling pleasure or is it just me being weird like that? Or perhaps Arturia themselves would consider officially adding a future like that to MCC?

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I was looking into something similar myself so would appreciate if you or Arturia could create this… But PDF is not a very useful format. Please consider CSV or TXT which are easier to process further…

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Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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great to hear there’s a chance for an official feature like this.
In the meantime though, I’ve created my own version, available at:


Be sure to give it a try,



And SpaceFaringShrimp’s solution is quite good! Definitely check it out! Maybe Arturia could work with SFS for inclusion in a future version…?

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Nice tool !!
Thanks for sharing :wink:

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This is a great tool and works like a charm. Thanks for sharing the fruit of your labors to the community!

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Great, thank you for developing and sharing this.
I was looking for a way to do exactly this. I like to list and organize my patches and banks in a spreadsheet and mark them as favorite, etc. Then I use that to create a selection in MIDI Control Center. It’s easier than working directly with MCC.

It would be great if this could go beyond simply exporting the names of the presets.

I think it would be a great learning tool if you could print a “Patch Sheet” for a selected patch. By patch sheet I mean all the settings that make up the patch. This could either be a simple text-based list of Parameter Name/Value pairs, or ideally a nicely laid out mix of graphics and text that on one page shows all settings for the patch.

The main purpose for this would be so that you could print this for a few of your favorite patches and then try to make them from scratch following the print out. I think this is the best way to get practice without having to always rely on other people’s tutorials which may not even yield the kid of sound you like. This way you can see how the sounds you like are built.