[Feature request] PolyBrute Connect Morph Knob exposure

Dears, while most of PolyBrute Connect is exposed to the DAW as controllable item, one of the most essential functionalities is not: the Morph Knob. No chance to use morph knob automation while having PolyBrute Connect instantiated within the DAW, only possible to use direct Midi to PolyBrute using CC03.
This has already been addressed in the legacy forum two years ago, and I wonder why such essential functionality is not made available, assuming that implementing a knob exposure to the DAW should not be a hugely complex affair? A very quick win, imho.

Thanks for your consideration

Hi @giitr and weocome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’ll keep this marked up as a feature request for you so our team are aware of it.


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